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Cairo at last!

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Well, here we are at last at the Swiss Inn in Cairo - 29 long hours since we left Auckland.

There is so much to take in here that I am certain my descriptions won't do this place justice, but I'll have a go:

We arrived in Cairo at 5:30am, bareley preceding a completely gorgeous sunrise. Cairo looks nothing like Dubai or Singapore from the sky - it actually looks more like Sim City. All of the buildings are uniform in colour, size and design, and even the terrain is kind of blocky (not like home where everything sort of flows together).

The airport was by far the worst I've ever seen - surpassing even Auckland for crustiness. We stepped out of the plane directly onto the tarmac and were taken by bus to be processed in a building that was some cross between a subway and a public toilet. (Think "The Matrix" subway, but tiled!) Customs was a bit of a joke - anyone with15 bucks can buy a Visa, and our bags sailed through all of the checkpoints without so much as an X-ray. Not that I'm complaining - it was all very strange, but pretty painless.

The drive back was a new experience, too - the road was sort of like a motorway, but road markings seemed like an optional thing. Very bumpy and our van had poor suspension - I missed having David there to "squeak" over the bumps. ;-)

Having been travelling non-stop for more than a full day now, we are naturally very tired and ready for bed. Unfortunately it is 7:30am here, and our hotel's check-in time is not until 12, so we are just waiting in the lobby.

Please assure the various Mums/Dads/Oma's that we are safe and well - will write more soon enough.


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Safe in Singapore

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Well, we've arrived safely in Singapore after what seems like a VERY long flight. It was a bit bumpy in places, but nothing terrible - I got a really bad headache towards the end there that disappeared as soon as I got off the plane, so I hope it's not some reaction to the pressure that's going to be a repeat problem. Other than that, all ok (sigh of relief, Mum!) ;-)

Singapore airport is fabulous - in future I intend to rate all other airports on a scale of Auckland > Singapore (with Auckland being completely crusty, and Singapore being totally awesome!) The internet is free, and they have indoor gardens all over the place. Robz and I are being shamelessly touristy - taking photos of everything and trying out all of the gadgets. I might even post some photos later, although next time I get to the internet I hope to have better things to show you!



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Just a few more days...

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Hi everyone!

Just checking in one more time before I leave. :) Some people have expressed an interest in coming to the airport to see us off, so this blog is really just to publish our flight details:

We depart at 1:35pm this Thursday (26/03). We will check in around 10:30am and will probably have an early lunch (11:45ish) before we board.

You're welcome to pop in any time between 10:30 and 12:30. We will probably also do something low-key on Wednesday night, seeing as it's our last night at the flat (woe to us!) so txt me if you're interested in joining in.


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New Zealand

The countdown begins...


Actually, that's a little misleading - I think the 'countdown' began about 3 years ago. This is the trip that I've been dreaming of since I was old enough to understand that cousin Diana didn't actually live on the plane.

I'd better start off with a disclaimer:

PLEASE don't feel obliged to read this - I know I'm long-winded. ;-) You won't be hurting my feelings, trust me.

On the other hand, I know that the 'intro' email will go out to a number of people who are interested in a young girl's impressions of the big wide world - if you're one of those then the 'subscribe' link is in the main navigation panel on the right.

Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you!



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